PM Marble Flame Traditional Bolection 54 / 58 inch Fireplace

Shown in: Light Carrara



5 quick and easy ways to check the quality of a marble fireplace
The items listed below are common ways to reduce price of a fireplace unknowingly to the buyer. We welcome our goods to be compared with any
other as our quality is top.
FINISH Feel and examine under the shelf for glue and roughness. Also examine ino the corners of joints for the same glue and roughness. On top quality items the glue and roughness will be absent.
CARCAS STRENGTH Check out thickness of material in carcas of the fireplace, should be a minimum of 2cm and 3cm on larger fireplaces. Commonly this is the basic structural strength of the fireplace.
SOLID CORBLES/PILLARS Pay attention to the side of corbles/pillars and watch for angled joints and biscuit like structures in lieu of solid blocks of marble. Solid blocks ie pieces thicker than 3cm are more exepensive to produce so many try to save money by gluing thinner pieces.
CARVINGS/MOULDS All carvings and moulds should have the same mirror finish as the flat parts of the fireplace. It takes a lot of hard work to bring up to the same finish but don’t settle for less.
SIZE AND DETAIL Always compare the detail and the bulk size. We never compromise design simply for price but many others do so examine carefully.
MATERIAL Overall a top quality marble will use premium material. Its not always possible to determine at point of purchase if the marble is of top quality or not as the finish can sometimes be waxed on and not permanent. We can ensure all marble we use is top quality.

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