Over 30 years of experience in stoves and fireplace installations, Pat Murphy and his team are ready to deliver you the right stove at a right price.

Our broad range of stoves covers:
  • Modern Styled or Contemporary stoves
  • Central Heating or Boiler stoves
  • Inset stoves
  • Inset Boiler stoves

We work with our suppliers to provide environmentally friendly and efficient stoves. To compliment our stove range we also stock flexible flue liner kits or flexi flue along with black enamel stove pipe and twin wall insulated flue pipe.

We provide customers in the South East

with a wide selection of stoves and fireplaces from big name manufacturers such as Aarrow, Bertoneri or Henley to bespoke products that are made to order. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service. We’ve been supplying our products and services since the early ’80s.

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